Synthstrom Audible released the source code of the Deluge firmware and started a Github community project inviting everyone to participate in improving and extending the Deluge user experience.

We aim to maintain compatibility, prevent data loss and provide a stable experience but accidents can happen so please backup your SD card before switching to community firmware to prevent losing data. You can always go back to the official firmware but be aware that songs created with community firmware can not be loaded by the official firmware.

Release - 1.1 (Beethoven)

Released June 30th, 2024.

This release has even more new features and bugfixes over the 1.0 community release, and should be backwards compatible. Please report any bugs on github, as you find them.

Release notes Changelog Download c1.1

Development firmware

The current nightly build is available below. The nightly firmware captures the current state of development every day and might be broken but needs to be tested to find out.

Be aware that in addition to new features there are large internal changes - we believe these will make the deluge more efficient and stable in the long term, but there may be short term issues with perceived performance due to interactions between sub systems.

Download todays nightly build Up to date documentation Changelog

Contact and feedback

We hope you enjoy using the community firmware as much as we enjoy working on it! If you would like to support us, consider subscribing to our community patreon. For feedback, ideas and problems see the following links. If your Deluge stops working and emits a crazy pattern with yellow or red in the sidebar please submit a photo of the whole Deluge on the issue tracker or the Discord.

Problems and issues Ideas and feedback Join Discord testers channel Old releases